WE STRIVE to unify all citizens of the United States around the Constitution.
WE AFFIRM that the Constitution has been and will continue to be humankind’s best hope for preserving individual liberty and prosperity through the rule of law.
WE INVITE everyone to support and defend the Constitution by taking an oath, educating themselves, and engaging in civil discussion and debate.
WE WELCOME everyone regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, economic standing, political party, or other affiliation to unite in supporting and defending the supreme law of the land.
WE RECOGNIZE that we have never been a united people. From our inception as a nation we have struggled to create consensus among competing voices. Differences will always exist between thoughtful and free people. The Constitution was designed as the framework for dealing with division among the governed through a series of checks and balances and allowing for “we the people” to “form a more perfect union.” The result is the most successful form of government the world has known, but it will only continue to be successful if citizens like you support and defend it.